Systems. Design, development and administration of distributed systems.
Linux kernel and network performance tuning.
Debian GNU/Linux packaging.
Common AWS services.
Services. High performance and large scale configurations, as well code-level design and modification of common Internet service daemons, including:
HTTP (Squid, Nginx, Apache, Varnish),
RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite),
DNS (PowerDNS, DJBDNS, Bind),
SMTP (Exim, Postfix).
Networking. Cisco IOS/CATOS, Juniper, BSD and Linux based routers, switches and firewalls.
BGP configuration and administration.
Firewall, VPN, DDoS, and security concepts.
Publishing. Authoring HTML / CSS (Bootstrap)
Adobe Creative Suite.
Apple QuickTime (and Streaming Server).
Programming. Expertise in Python, Ruby, Perl, C/C++, Shell, PL/(pg)SQL.
Experienced in Java, PHP, JavaScript;
Extensive network sockets and distributed systems concepts.
Web portals with JQuery or Angular, and server side RESTful APIs.


Fall 2016.
Systems Development Engineer/
Member of DDoS Response Team for AWS Shield. Mentored junior developers and wrote tooling and systems for rapid-response to DDoS events toward Amazon and AWS customers, including the Threat Environment Dashboard. Later joined the Internet Operations team to instrument and automate peering operations and provisioning, in particular helping grow and manage AS16509 public peering at Internet Exchanges.
Fall 2014 - Spring 2016.
Production Engineer/
Realtime infrastructure for Facebook Messenger. Hybrid software/systems engineer working on the massive infrastructure neccessary to run 800 million monthly active users. Lots of in-house systems for linux containers, monitoring, as well as deployment and development automation. Moved fast, didn't break too many things.
Astute Hosting.
Fall 2010 - Fall 2014.
Building the website, management portal and set of integrated hosting services for expert customers with a mid-size online presence. Services included: Anycast DNS, Content Delivery, NFS Storage, Monitoring and Network Automation.
Peer 1 Hosting.
Fall 2008 - Fall 2010.
Development Manager.
Led four member team supporting and improving systems for the Network and Colocation division. Including the expansion of the Mercury portal to include power/cooling capacity planning and cabinet inventory, work orders/ticketing integration (Request Tracker) and a multi-vendor supported TACACS with command authorization based on Active Directory authentication.
Peer 1 Network.
Spring 2003 - Fall 2008.
System Engineer.
Principle systems architect and maintainer of the RapideEdge technology and related Content Delivery, SuperDNS, Network Monitoring and customer portal products and systems in a 2 continent, 15 city, 1000+ device network.
University of British Columbia.
Spring 2002.
Teaching Assistant.
Assisting in-class discussions and activities as well as marking essays and lab reports for a unique third year control systems course with the Integrated Sciences program. Had been so impressed by that course that I came back to help teach it the next year!
Look Communications Inc.
Spring 2000 - Fall 2000.
Systems Architect.
Design and maintenance of national mail, DNS, web hosting and authentication systems for a 200,000+ account ISP, formed from the merger of Canada Internet Direct and Look Communications.
Digital Environments Inc.
Summer 1999 - Spring 2000.
Home automation technology venture, funded through on and off-site consulting for clients ranging from training to database design. Survived long enough to produce an Internet ready control system prototype.
Canada Internet Direct Ltd.
Fall 1997 - Summer 1999.
Software Engineer.
Programmer on in-house developed customer service and accounting system; Oracle with Web and Win32 frontend reporting and account management tools. Had to quickly switch from an old MSDOS based accounting system as we grew to a 40,000+ subscriber dialup business.
De Facto Networking Services.
Winter 1995 to Fall 1996.
Partner in a part-time computer consulting company targeting LAN installations and intranet software development. Far more interesting than returning to engineering school (which is what I was supposed to be doing at the time).
Canada Internet Direct Ltd.
Fall 1995 to Fall 1997.
Support Technician.
Developed dialup scripts for various platforms (Windows, Unix, Mac OS and OS/2); Wrote support documentation and anything that made the task of telephone support less painful.
Atlantic LRMI.
Summer 1995.
Developed an in-house application for time/project management. Used MS Visual Basic to link MS Project with an Oracle database. Most painful programming experience ever.
Dalhousie University.
Summer 1994.
Student Intern.
Produced 3D animations of aquatic animal movements from field tracking data. Got my name printed in Nature Magazine.
Vemco Ultrasonics.
Summer 1993.
Developed a program and algorithm for resolving 3D position from marine ultrasonic telemetry data.


University of British Columbia.
Bachelor of Science.
Graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science.
Langara College.
Arts and Science.
Part time study.
University of British Columbia.
Engineering Major.
Two years of engineering.
Halifax Grammar School.
High School.
Small classes, great education.


Father of two. 
Avid player of pen + paper role playing games. 
Shad Valley entrepreneur. 
Founding editor of high school newspaper.
Member of Scouts Canada for ten years.
French immersion schooling.
High school jazz and woodwind ensembles: basson and saxophone.
Canada Winter Games athlete: fencing.