Kraftmouse needs to find a new home. Unfortuately to do this Kraftmouse must do two important things. The first task is to succesfully navigate out of its old home. For the second he must distinguish between two available new homes and enter the one indicated in a message sent by its parents.

Task 1

Kraftmouse starts its trek at the end of a long corridor at which a rectangular room is situated. In order for Kraftmouse to start its new home finding process, it has to first make its way out of the rectangular room and travel down a corridor. Towards the end of the corridor, there is a sharp right turn in which Kraftmouse must maneuver through to ultimately make its way out of the corridor. Kraftmouse must also be wary during this trek and if there is an abnormal amount of light it must arrest all motion and stop dead in its tracks.

Task 2

Just upon exiting the corridor, Kraftmouse activates a transmitting RCX unit by pushing open a gate. By openning the gate, Kraftmouse officially leaves the corridor system and enters the outside environment in search of a new home. The infrared signal that Kraftmouse recieves sends one of two possible commands: